Chiba space

Chiba co-working space
facebook page is here.
2-8-10-201 Shinchiba Chuo-ku, Chiba 〒 260-0031
How is go there.
What’s co-working space?
It is a place where a variety of industries, gather people of age, or the work, share ideas and how.
Or hold the event there is no partition, unlike share office, I have focused on the communication and interaction among participants.
I think there are more people or venture to the Nomad or freelance. I think, chiba dosen’t have co-working space so much.
Chiba is co-working space in a 3-minute walk JR Chiba Station West Exit
It is scheduled to open in and on April 1, 2013
This is fun!
I want to go when open there!

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